Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Various Projects

The WA Healthcare Design Team has been working for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, both on its main campus in the Uptown area and several of its satellite locations; for over 7 years. Throughout these years WA has gained extensive knowledge in how Cincinnati Children’s works and performs; understanding what is important to their institution in terms of their mission and values.

Our work with Cincinnati Children’s has been a large factor to the major growth and success of WA’s Healthcare Design Team, and our focus on healthcare design. The following is a sample of the projects of which WA has worked with Cincinnati Children’s:

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center:
(a sample below of many)

Location S – Research Building

Location T – (New) Clinical Sciences Building

Location A – Physician’s Lounge

Location C – Ophthalmology Waiting Room

Location A, Level 4 – Patient Wing

Location A, Level 5 – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Kasota Building Cafeteria

Location A, Level 8 Neurology – Neuroscience Outpatient Clinic

Vernon Manor Conversion – Offices for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center – Liberty Campus

Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center – College Hill Campus (Inpatient Psychiatric)



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