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Gaining experience

“Most of the clients want firms that are experienced in health care, …. “We couldn’t get on the project because of no experience, and we couldn’t gain experience without being on a project.”

Through the Capacity-Building Warehouse, Grice Group was paired with WA Architects, Inc., an MBE out of Cincinnati. The joint venture, known as Grice+WA, got Grice on the BJC campus renewal project.

“Our staff members can work side-by-side with them, garner that experience and allow our firm to submit on projects in the future.” Grice said. “We would now, in fact, have staff with experience in working on a substantial health care project.”

Grice has an architect and an architect intern embedded at the project management office who are responsible for 3D design modeling on the new tower. BIM, or Building Information Modeling construction software, is being used to create a 3D computerized model of the structure before it is constructed. Grice architects can reveal potential problems in construction before they happen.

“If there’s a light that might be in the way of duct work; an outlet that’s in the wrong place; or a door is swinging and hitting another door, those kinds of things are clearly identified in this computer model and solved before it gets into construction,” Grice said. “It reduces the amount of change orders and delays in the project.”

Firms in the Capacity-Building Warehouse also participate in the BJC 101 program to sharpen business skills and learn how they conduct business with BJC and how to transfer that knowledge. It is led by Marks and Associates in conjunction with BJC design or construction team members.

“BJC 101 is a five-year initiative rolled out on quarterly basis that will allow businesses to grow in various ways, whether it’s an aspect of business, in actual contracting, in bonding, in how BJC does business,” Mohler said.


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